Getting my head around investing

I’ve always wanted to learn about investing and money. So I’ve picked up a few books and will be working through them one-by-one. Typically the way I learn a new topic is to find a reliable, highly regarded source who has written an intro’ish tome for the topic. Then I just begin reading that book — stopping at any word or phrase or concept that I don’t completely understand and that isn’t completely explained in the book. Then I go on a side search to build up my understanding of not only that particular word or phrase but also any relevant context.

For example, I was on page 18 of Lynch’s book (Learn to Earn) when I encountered my first major need-to-detour. As I was reading about various public companies whose products we encounter every day, I began to think:

  • What does it mean to go from public to private? What is the mechanism for this? Why might you do it?

And so for 1.5 days, I’ve been following that thread, just so that I can resume Lynch’s book on page 18, where I left off.

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